New options for VW / Audi Alcon brake kits at JDL

Since Monday 22nd April, we decided to start offering VW/Audi Alcon 6 pot 365 mm kits with rear Alcon discs.This combo kit was available only with 4 pot 365 mm front kit, but after many e-mails from customers,we had no choice you can get 6 pot 365 mm kit with Alcon rear discs at same special price as we offer 4 pot 365 mm kit with rear Alcon discs. It is not listed on our website yet, but please contact us, if you are interested. Best offer guaranteed!

Also, we can trade in with customers, who order any Alcon brake kit, and want Pagid RS29 pads instead of standard DS Performance / Pagid RS9-2 pads. Please contact us for quotation.

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