Alcon CCX for Porsche 997 GT2 / GT3

It was big pleasure, to test and drive on the track with Alcon team, and their 997 GT3, equipped with new Alcon CCX brake kit. It is next Carbon Ceramic kit, after well known kit for Nissan GTR. This time, Alcon will supply only discs with bells, and pads, that will fit with OE Porsche calipers. So you can still use OEM wheels, and don't bother about bigger caliper clearance. The brake kit works excellent.

It is difficult to add something more. We can share opinion with BTCC driver Mat Jackson who said :

" The level of control, performance and robustness the CCX kit provides on the GT3 is astonishing. Porsche brakes are arguably the best in the market for mainstream sportscars, but with CCX the best just got a whole load better… Mega! " 

Alcon CCX specification for the Porsche 911: 

- 390 mm diameter front ventilated, crossed drilled carbon ceramic discs

- 360 mm diameter rear ventilated, cross drilled carbon ceramic discs

- Front and rear Alcon CCX-1 pads (to fit to OE calipers)

- Lightweight aluminium floating front bells

- Lightweight aluminium floating rear bells incorporating steel park brake drum

- Caliper spacers to lift the OE caliper in order to accommodate the larger diameter CCX discs.

We start collecting orders for Alcon CCX kit. The first kit, are expected at the end of February. Feel free to contact us regarding details, or order.


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