Alcon ceramic brake kit for Nissan GTR

In recent days we have had the opportunity to test on the track, Alcon ceramic brake kit for Nissan GTR. It is quite new procuct from Alcon. The test car was Alcon developing 600 horsepower 2010 GTR, equipped with Eibach sport springs.

After couple hours of fun, it's hard to write something both positive and negative.
Positive, because if you know very well Alcon Race kit and how it works,  it is not so much difference between ceramic and race kit, except of initial bite. Also they are noise free:)

It's hard to write something negative, because the set seems to be really great product, and it doesn't matter in how hard condition you use it.  Braking on the track from a 190+ mph , to 25, you have impression that Nissan ceramic kit, mounted in the Spec V version, it really does not work even half as the set of Alcon kit. 

Alcon ceramic kit is not cheap, but worth every penny spent on it. The kit that includes front and rear calipers, 400 mm and 385 mm ultra light ceramic discs, pads, brake lines, it is probably the best solution that has ever been produced for this car. Alcon expect big demand on their ceramic kit. 

The good news for all existing customers who bought of us Alcon Superkit for GTR, we can supply just ceramic discs, bells, and pads, that will work with your Superkit calipers. 

Both, ceramic kit, and ceramic discs are developed by Alcon, and can be supplied in reasonable time frame. 

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