Alcon Race kit

We are happy to share some nice pictures of Alcon Race kit that we had a chance to fit last month for customer's Nissan GTR
Kit consist of 6 pots monoblock calipers, with no dirt seals as most racing applications. Also fully floating brake discs ( 400x36 mm and 385x36 mm ) brake hoses, and Pagid RS29 brake pads ( race compound ) This kit is dedicated for customers who use cars on track only, and from time to time on a street. Please note it is typical race kit, so you can hear some noises during braking.

For all these people who use car on street, and from time to time on a track, we highly recommend Alcon Superkit road / track. You will feel huge difference compering with OEM kit,  ( or with OEM kit with upgraded brake discs ) in each driving condition.

Enjoy the pictures.

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